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Lori & Jim Bakker

    Lori’s House is a housing alternative for abortion. We fully believe each child is a blessing from God. At Lori’s House we offer a safe, supportive home for pregnant women in need or crisis. A pregnant woman can enter at any point in her pregnancy upon approval and availability. A mother can stay up to six months or three months after the baby is born (whichever comes first) as long as she is doing the program and applying herself to better her life continually.  Women who will be parenting or placing their child with an adoptive family are welcome, also women with current children are also welcome (with their kids) depending on availability. During the mothers stay, she is given resources and support to achieve goals and prepare for independent living.  All services provided by Lori’s House are free of charge.


    Most importantly, we view the time in the home for the mother as a gift of time to reset their lives, to allow them to seek and setup their home, lives, careers (not just a job), to change their entire lifestyle and break bad habits and patterns; to take time to heal and connect with healthy relationships. If mothers are just seeking a bed and a free stay during their pregnancy, not coming into this program seeking betterment for their lives and actively working to better it – this home will not be a good fit for them. We daily encourage them to thrive in life, to excel and not settle. If you think of the amount of activity it takes to reset your life, this is a working season. There is no time left to lose. You have a baby on the way, this is a great environment available to make the most of that time. We help them find creative ways to make their lives better for them and their children. If the mom is resistant to change or correction or even slowing down their lives to reset and start again, this can be a miserable process (for all involved, including the mother). We want to support women who are seeking change. It is evident when mothers are resistant or untrusting. We cannot make them change so this has to be something they themselves commit to from day one until they see it bloom in their life, even beyond Lori’s House. This change is a change from the inside out and they have to carry it through for the rest of their lives.


    To be honest, this road is not easy road to choose – it is going to be very difficult at times. Otherwise there would be success stories surrounding us. We applaud all our mothers who dared to dream, committed themselves to change and graduated into a new life they never thought was possible. We keep in touch with them like they are our family, to encourage them and support them. We are their biggest cheerleaders! To change a mother has to acknowledge the need for change in her life, be accepting – willing and determined to change and then partner with others who can help her in that road.  We have a team ready to help and go as far as the mother is determined to go, we are here to link arms with her and tell her three things 1)You are worth it 2) Your child/children are worth it. 3)You can do it.  “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”




Lori & Jim Bakker


Restrictions & Eligibility

To qualify for Lori’s House, a pregnant woman must fit a few basic requirements:


  • Over 18 years of age
  • Free from drugs for over three months, also passing a clear drug test. (Some women will be asked to first complete a rehabilitation for period of time before entering into the home).

    Willing to abide by expectations in the Resident’s Manual.
    Willing to work on the betterment of themselves and take correction when necessary. 
    Willingness to work the program and apply themselves. The mothers are allowed to leave the program at anytime of their stay (within a 24 hr notice for a proper checkout) and can be dismissed from the program by the Administration if the mother breaks guidelines set to help and protect all the baby, mothers and any personnel helping them. If they do choose to leave they cannot return.

The Intake Process

    To apply to live at Lori’s House, the pregnant mother MUST submit an application online. While she can have someone help her online (affiliate or family member) to be considered we must have communication and consent with the mother as well as hear from her, in her own words.


    The intake process begins once we have received the completed intake form.  We will then call the mother back and try to connect with her. After three attempts of callbacks (without connection to the mother) the mother must resubmit a new application to be considered. We then have a face to face meeting either in person or through Skype to review the intake form together. This will happen within the week she has applied.

    We typically call the young woman within a month to let her know if she is a good fit for our program.  If she is a good fit for our program, we schedule her move in date.  Before moving in, the young woman must submit a proof of pregnancy, pass a drug test and go through orientation.

    The intake process can range from one day to a few weeks. The speed of the intake is dependent on the availability of the home and how quickly the mother’s references respond. 


What is it like to live in Lori’s House?

Sitting alongside a lovely stream, Lori’s House is snuggled in the Ozark Mountains’ Peaceful Valley, just outside of Branson, Missouri. The house sits on the property of Morningside Church, a Christian retreat and teaching center.

While moms are pregnant, they frequently share a room with another pregnant mom and as she nears her delivery date, she may move into a single bedroom with a bassinet and other items she will need for her baby. It is free of charge to live at Lori’s House. In exchange for this, Lori’s House asks that moms take effective steps to better themselves through 20 hours per week of productive time (e.g.  working, attending school or classes, etc) and expects guests to follow house rules to make it a mutually beneficial experience for all involved.

What does Lori’s House provide?

  • A stable home environment and nutritious food
  • Maternity and infant supplies
  • Weekly, one-on-one mentor sessions
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Support, encouragement, and accountability by full-time, live-in staff
  • Life skills courses on topics such as childbirth, nutrition, budgeting, and parenting
  • Referrals to community agencies/programs including adoption counseling, job training, professional counseling, and low-cost housing
  • Access to education programs including high school equivalency and vocational training
  • Knowledge of state programs including health insurance, day care subsidies, food stamps, child support, and cash assistance
  • An opportunity for spiritual growth through weekly bible studies and church services

Download application or apply online to our maternity program.

Lori & Jim Bakker

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